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What are the functions of tons of bags?

What are the functions of tons of bags?

Tons of bags are plastic bags that can be relatively large in capacity. Because of the large capacity of oranges and simple use, we call them tons bags or container bags. Today in this article, we will take a look at what he has in mind, and to use his functions.

1. Because of the large capacity of the ton bag, it can be poured all at once, or it can be all taken out at one time. It is very easy for a product with a relatively large amount of use.

2, tons of bags because of the need to bear a large weight, so its quality is very good, if not artificially damaged, it is still a very good value of secondary utilization.

3. Tons of bags are generally made of polypropylene material, and most of them are white. If they are used well, they can be recycled environmentally.

4, ton bags are also known as container bags, or tons of bags, tensile performance and tensile properties.