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Process introduction of no laminating plastic woven products

Process introduction of no laminating plastic woven products

The product process of the non-coated plastic woven bag and the laminated plastic woven bag (also called composite plastic woven bag) is different. The following is a brief introduction to the product process of the laminated plastic woven bag.
The production process of the laminating plastic woven bag can be roughly divided into three major steps: printing, cutting, sewing, and becoming a woven bag. The steps must also be in the above order. Depending on the equipment used, some non-coated plastic woven bags can be cut and printed first, or printed and cut. The automatic cutting and sewing can continuously complete the printing, cutting, sewing and other processes, and can also be made into a valve pocket, a bottom bag, etc., and the flat woven fabric can be bonded to the middle seam.
There are several aspects in the process of making bags without laminating plastic woven bags:
First, the tolerance size of the woven bag, the current woven bag national standard "GB/T8946-1998", the width error is ± 10mm, and the length is slightly different: +15mm, -10mm.
Second, the broaching force of the woven bag is mainly the seam bottom and the seam edge to two places.
Third, the clarity of the printing ink and the cleanliness of other parts after printing, the positional accuracy of the layout. The printed woven bag should be clear, free of ink stains, etc., and the printed content should be consistent with the initial samples and requirements.
Fourth, suture stitches, stitch length, and suture removal, disconnection and other requirements.