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Container bag / conductive bag / ton bag / blue packaging information is a new future for packaging professionals

Container bag / conductive bag / ton bag / blue packaging information is a new future for packaging professionals

Following the concept of low-carbon environmental protection has become the main theme of society, many areas are identifying low-carbon environmental protection, as well as the scope of packaging materials. Many packaging materials that are polluting the environment are fading out of our days, and green packaging materials have become the development trend and future of the packaging profession. There are many kinds of green packaging materials today, which can be divided into four types: packaging materials for repeated reuse and recycling, edible packaging materials, degradable materials and paper materials.
Repeated reuse of packaging materials primarily refers to the packaging of glass bottles used to package beer, beverages, etc., which can be used repeatedly. The recycled packaging materials mainly refer to the plastic packaging materials. After the packaging materials are disposed of by physical methods, they can be made into recycled packaging containers. After being disposed of by chemical methods, it can be made into a recycled packaging product. However, the fly in the ointment of these two methods is that they only reduce the pollution of the environment, and when they are disposed of, they will also face the problem of polluting the environment. Edible packaging materials are packaging materials that can be eaten with food, such as ice cream, corn baking cups, etc. According to reports, edible packaging film and cling film have been successfully developed and are entering the packaging market. They trust that the two green packaging materials will have more space and development prospects. Degradable green packaging information refers to degradable plastic packaging. After completing its mission, this plastic can degrade and recover in the natural world without pollution to the environment. Paper data refers to paper packaging materials. We know that paper itself is made of natural plant fiber. The packaging materials made from it naturally mean a kind of green packaging material, and its recovery