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Two effective quality tests for container bags before leaving the factory

Two effective quality tests for container bags before leaving the factory

The quality of the container bag directly affects the subsequent market development of the company, so it is essential to carry out certain quality tests before the product leaves the factory. Today we will take a look at two effective quality tests used for containers before leaving the factory.
The first is a stress test. Put the full-load container on the press to carry out the pressure test. The pressure-packed bag of the press machine is four times the full load weight, or the static load method, that is, the self-weight of the four-layer full-load bag, the pressurization time is For more than eight hours, the content does not overflow and the bag is not damaged in this difficult case, which means that the container has passed the test.
The second is the drop test. The bag will be packed at full load and lifted by lifting equipment. The bottom of the bag will be more than 0.8m away from the ground, and then fall vertically to the hard and flat ground. If the contents are not overflowed, the bag body will be damaged without damage. Pass this test.
After learning the effective testing methods of these two kinds of container bags, you will definitely purchase more satisfactory products in the follow-up market, and hope to help you.