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China PP woven jumbo bag factory

China PP woven jumbo bag factory


 Conglin Plastic Woven Packaging

People-oriented, Success by Quality, Creditable Operation,

Reciprocity, Mutual Benefit


Non-poisonous, hurtless, tasteless,Recyclable, Biodegradable, eco-friendly,Water-proof, oil-proof, bacilli-proof,Not affected by moisture and not shrink or wrinkle with

environmental changes,High tensile strength, falls , friction, gloss and easy to keep clean,Good dimensional stability and flatness,Good surface for print tasks,Packing,

fertilizer, foodstuff ( flour, rice, maize, bean, peanut, wheat, Monosodium glutamate, starch, salt, animal food ...), chemical, cement, mineral, graphite powder, mortar, cat

litter, seed and so on.


Easy to load and unload



Valve bags      Flexible freight bags     Ordinary bags       

Sufficient strength

Low breakage


Easy to load and unload




Valve bags      Flexible freight bags     Ordinary bags       

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